Sunday, 14 November 2010


A little background information first...

I joined Sun in July 2006 as a student lab intern working for Paul Humphreys where I worked with four other students to provide hardware (and sometimes software) setups for Sun support engineers.

During this time I moved towards high-end hardware such as the E15/25k, Serengeti and Niagara-based systems. All the while I was doing my best to beef my knowledge of the Solaris kernel and userland and other assorted goodies (including the incredible Sun Ray). Solaris as a whole is the way I'd like to take things in the future, at least until I figure out what specifically interests me the most.

Two days ago I started as a full-time employee within the solutions centre where I will be working within the BT group as a support engineer.

And now...

Here I am, I have finally have the coveted blog and I plan to use this space to cover technical issues in some way related to Sun. Most entries will be basic, the odd one might be a little more advanced but overall I hope to provide some useful tips, tricks and info that might help somebody out when they're in a fix...

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  1. Lewis - does this mean that you are gonna keep both blogs?? also the theme - sort it out:p