Sunday, 14 November 2010

mdb: calculating thread idle time

In SolarisCAT a thread output shows the thread idle time. In mdb I've not found a dcmd that provides this same information (although if you are using the excellent ACT module the ::act_thread dcmd does give solve this problem).

Fortunately the answer is very simple:

> 2a100499ca0::findstack -v
stack pointer for thread 2a100499ca0: 2a100498e41
[ 000002a100498e41 sema_p+0x138() ]
000002a100498ef1 biowait+0x6c(600d3d31240, 0, 18ba800, 30008670000, 2080201, 600d3d31240)
000002a100498fa1 bwrite_common+0x1ac(0, 600d3d31240, 1, 0, 0, 1)
000002a100499051 ldl_savestate+0x88(600d2c5da40, 14e5757ef, a72ba5c0, 600de7f8080, 600de7f8280, 0)
000002a100499101 logmap_sethead+0x78(600d2c5db60, 600d2c5da40, f555, 6ed48, 600ccb7f6b0, 600ccb7f5c0)
000002a1004991b1 trans_roll+0x354(600d2c5da40, 10, 2000, 10, 600df0f3180, 600ccb7f6ba)
000002a100499291 thread_start+4(600d2c5da40, 0, 6269665f7365, 745f62696c6c5f68, 6f6c645f636f6465, 2e70726f63000000)

> 2a100499ca0::print -t kthread_t t_disp_time
clock_t t_disp_time = 0x9a22a2
> *panic_lbolt64-0x9a22a2=D

panic_lbolt64 is set to lbolt64 when panic() is called. lbolt64 is incremented each time the clock thread runs. By default this is 100 times/second but if hires_tick is set in /etc/system the clock thread runs 1000 times/second (usr/src/uts/common/conf/param.c for details). This means that by default there are 100 ticks per second. On a live system panic_lbolt64 can be replaced by lbolt64.

Converting ticks to minutes and seconds is left as a (really simple) exercise for the reader.

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