Sunday, 14 November 2010

Solaris RPE Kernel rotation

This month I am on a rotation into the Solaris RPE (Revenue Product Engineering) Kernel team where I have picked a bug in the Solaris kernel which I am attempting to diagnose and fix.  Thanks to Mita Solanky, Chris Beal, Bill Watson & Rob Harris for helping me arrange this.

Normally I work as a part of the TSC (Technical Solutions Centre) Kernel team as an engineer who diagnoses kernel-related issues.  This could be system panics (i.e. crash dump analysis), performance problems, errors, queries from customers, etc.  The RPE organisation is the direct escalation path for us engineers in the TSC, and they are required to understand and provide fixes for bugs logged by the TSC.

By spending time in RPE I am getting to know better how this organisation functions (e.g. process), the exact role the engineers play, what external pressures they have and more about how code changes go back into the Solaris product.  RPE have some communication with NRE (New Revenue Engineering) which is interesting for me as I do not usually encounter NRE engineers as part of my day-to-day job.

Once the rotation has finished I'll blog again about my experience here as compared to the TSC role I normally play.  For this this serves as a brief introduction to my next blog entry where I will discuss the bug I am working on. 

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